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Justice, equality and non-discrimination

Publication date: 14 November 2022 - 20 Rabi' al-thani 1444

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the labor system, recognizes international labor standards and always seeks to develop the work environment and the labor relationship and make it more attractive to all parties to the relationship, including controlling the behavior of the relevant parties when dealing with each other so that the authority is not abused by the employer or any negligence is issued by the employer. Before the worker with regard to the performance of his job duties in order for stability to prevail in the work environment.

The labor system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides the necessary protection for the worker and employers, and also ensures the provision of an appropriate work environment for women, taking into account their conditions and non-discrimination between them and men in a manner commensurate with their nature. In addition to ensuring the system, the employer has the right to subject the worker to a sufficient trial period through the possibility of extending the probationary period with the worker’s written consent and giving him an opportunity to prove his worth and entitlement to work.

Article (3) of the Labor Law stipulates that citizens are equal in the right to work without any discrimination based on gender, disability, age, or any other form of discrimination, whether during work performance or when hiring or advertising. The indicative guide to the rules of work ethics for defining justice: equality and fairness among people and the granting of rights without discrimination, whether by color, lineage, money, status, or race.

The charter includes and focuses on several ethical principles and axes, which are:

• Justice, equality, and non-discrimination.

• general look.

• Truthfulness and honesty.

• Not taking advantage of the position.

• Work environment.

• Public morals and behavior.

• Enhancing teamwork

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