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Procedural Guide for The Decree on Engineering Profession Saudization 2024

Publication date: 20 May 2024 - 12 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1445

As the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) is keen on providing simulative, productive and stable employment opportunities for both male and female citizens across the Kingdom, increasing their engagement in the labor market. Along with the HRSD’s direction to Saudize sectors and target activities and professions in accordance with the objectives of Vision 2030, and with reference to the Ministerial Decree No. (99895), dated 09/07/1445 H. (21/01/2024 G.) on Engineering Profession Saudization to enable national cadres to get employment opportunities in private sector by imposing a (25%) Saudization on the engineers working in the establishment as of 15/01/1446 H. Corresponding to 21/07/2024 G. to participate in this vital sector.

This Decree is deemed one of the Saudization Decrees on which the HRSD has worked in partnership with the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing, the relevant government and supervisory authorities to provide an appropriate and stimulating work environment for national human resources. Besides expanding the partnership with the private sector in line with the Saudization Strategy for Human Capital Development and enhancing the contribution to the economic system. This Saudization Decree shall not be deemed an alternative or contrary to the HRSD’s previous Saudization Decrees.

The Decree considers the labor market conditions of targeted professions and activities. In addition, it considers the number of the current jobseekers who graduated from the relevant specializations. Besides, the Decree takes into consideration the current leaners of the specializations related to the targeted professions who will join the labor market within the next few years, and the reality of the Private Sector and its ability to accommodate the national cadres of professional specialties.

This Guide has been prepared for clarifying all the details of targeted profession Saudization, including the imposed rates, the targeted activities and professions, and the mechanism for calculating the rates of labors and penalties. In addition, it clarifies the Support Programs introduced by the system of the human resources and the specialized agencies for supporting the Private Sector in enforcing the Decree. Besides, the Guide replies to the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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