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Procedural Guide on the Decision to Localize Jazan Province

Publication date: 20 May 2024 - 12 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1445

In implementation of the mechanisms of joint work between the Ministry of Human Resources and the Emirate of Hail (the higher and executive committees for Localization) and in implementation of the regional localization program launched by the Ministry in partnership with the Ministry of Interior and in order to promote the aim of raising the participation of Saudi men and women in the labor market in the Jazan Province, and according to the memorandum of understanding concluded with the Emirate of the region and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, as well as the recommendations of the Higher Committee for the Localization and Social Development Program in Jazan Province, headed by His Royal Highness, Deputy Governor of Jazan Province on 04/01/1441 AH, to localize some activities and occupations in the region, his Highness the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development issued Decision No. ( ) which dated on (0/00/1444 AH) regarding the localization of a number of economic activities in the Jazan Province that the Ministry has worked on in cooperation and partnership with the Jazan Province emirates and the relevant governmental and supervisory agencies to provide an appropriate and stimulating work environment for national human resources, and to expand the participation rate with the private sector in line with the localization strategy of the Ministry.

The desire of the Ministry, represented by the Localization Agency (General Administration of Territorial Localization), to clarify all the necessary details before the localization decision enters into force, to assist private sector enterprises in preparing for the execution of the decision, work has been done to issue this guide, which shows the details of the localization decision for Jazan Province, including the grace period, the time period for executing the decision, the percentage of targeted activities, and exceptions for each activity, if any, and clarifying the support and training programs provided by the human resources and social development system in addition to answering the most frequent questions.

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