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About Us

Labor Education Portal is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development within the framework of the procedures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to advance the economy within 2030 Vision, and aims to develop the labor market as a major transformational initiative that illustrates the nature and basics of the work environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

Contributing to the advancement of the Saudi economy within Vision 2030, creating an attractive work environment and boosting productivity.

Our Mission:

We seek to guide and advise all parties linked to the work environment and employment by raising the awareness of workers and the employers about labor regulations, ethics, and laws in addition to working on persistent improvement and quality assurance of the Ministry's services and procedures pertinent to the labor market.

Officials word:

As an extended efforts of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and following the approach of our wise government in ensuring and preserving persons' rights, we have launched the Labor Education Portal, which greatly contributes to raising awareness and providing various consultations and services relevant to the Labor Law. All of this is provided as part of the developments witnessed by the Kingdom in line with Vision 2030. We aim to be more appealing and an inviting environment for investments in the private sector, and to make the jobs generated by the private sector attractive to those who seek an opportunity in the Saudi labor market while strengthening the preservation of rights between work parties and contributing to creating a sustainable environment for the business sector.