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I drew the vision and mission of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in its four sectors (labor sector, social development, civil service, and shared services) to show ambition and the services it provides to all beneficiaries in the private, public and non-profit sectors, as a legislative and supervisory body in the first place, and then as a service and supportive body from By working with individuals and related entities to improve the work environment and transform it into an attractive one with high-quality standards. In addition to raising the share of Saudi men and women in participating in the labor market and empowering women, through initiatives, projects, and programs that contribute to the efficiency and productivity of the economy, sustainable development, and decent living for all through sustainable institutional excellence.

As is clear from the portal's vision and mission, one of its most important objectives is to increase communication with the public and to provide a diverse range of information and services that help enrich how to deal with the ministry among visitors and surfers of the portal through several policies and strategies developed by the ministry.