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Report on the Disability Rights System

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Definitions and General Principles

The following words and phrases, as used in this system, shall have the meanings mentioned before each of them:

- System: The Persons with Disabilities Rights System.

- Authority: The Persons with Disabilities Care Authority.

- Regulation: The executive regulation of the system.

- Concerned Entity: The entity concerned with one or more areas covered by the provisions of the system.

- Person with Disabilities: Any person who has a long-term impairment or disability in physical, mental, sensory, intellectual, or psychological functions, which, when dealing with various challenges, may hinder them from participating fully and effectively in society on an equal footing with others.

- Services: A comprehensive set of integrated services provided to each person with disabilities based on their health condition and the degree of their disability or their social status. These services include health, education, training, rehabilitation, cultural, social, media, sports, employment, and other services.

- Rehabilitation: The process of employing medical, social, psychological, educational, professional, and environmental services to help a person with disabilities achieve the highest possible level of effectiveness, enabling them to adapt to their natural and social environment, develop their self-reliance, and become an active member of society to the extent possible.

- Supportive Educational and Training Services: Additional services required by the nature of disabilities in educational and training environments.

- Accessibility: A set of appropriate measures that ensure the accessibility of persons with disabilities to provided services on an equal basis with others. It also includes their access to their physical environment, transportation, information, communication, including technological means and information and communication systems, facilities, and other services available to the public.

- Facilitative Arrangements: A set of necessary measures to meet the specific requirements of a person or group of persons with disabilities, ensuring their enjoyment of all their basic rights and services on an equal basis with others without imposing an undue burden on the entities providing them.

- Disability-Based Discrimination: Any distinction, exclusion, or restriction against persons with disabilities based on disability, whose purpose or effect is to impair or deny some or all of their human rights, enjoyment, or exercise on an equal basis with others.

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