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Publication date: 14 November 2019 - 17 Rabi' al-awwal 1441

Training and qualifying workers by employer

• Without prejudice to the conditions and rules stated in the agreements of privileges and other agreements, rules and conditions specific for training and qualification; each and every employer who employs fifty or more workers shall qualify or train his Saudi workers at least (12%) of the total number of his workers annually, and this percentage includes Saudi workers who pursue their studies if the employer bears the costs of the study. The Minister may raise this percentage in some establishments by a decision of his own.

• The training program shall include the rules and conditions that are followed in the training, duration, the number of hours, theoretical and practical training programs, exam method and the certificates granted in this regard. The regulations define the general standards and rules that shall be followed in this regard to raise the level of worker performance in terms of skill and productivity.

Qualification and training contract with non-workers with the employer

• The qualification and training contract is a contract whereby the employer shall be obligated to qualify or train a person to prepare him in a specific occupation.

• The qualification or training contract shall be in writing, specifying the type of occupation contracted to train for, the duration of the training and its progressive stages, and the amount of reward given to the trainee at each stage, provided that it is not determined in any way on the basis of the piece or production.

• The employer may terminate the qualification or training contract if it is proved to him that the trainee or the person subject to qualification is incapable of completing or unlikely to complete the training or qualification programs in a beneficial way, and the trainee or the person subject to the qualification or his guardian shall have such an entitlement. The party wishing to terminate the contract shall inform the other party at least a week prior to the date of discontinuation of training or qualification.

• The employer - after completing the training or qualification period - may require the trainee or the person subject to the qualification to work for him for a period similar to the period of the training or qualification; if the trainee or the person subject to the qualification refuses to work or refrains from working for the similar period or part thereof, he shall pay the employer the costs of training or qualification incurred by the employer or the percentage of the remainder thereof.

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