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Article (11) of the Implementing Regulations for Organizing and Regulating Labor Inspection Tasks

Publication date: 06 June 2023 - 17 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1444

Labor inspectors shall have the following powers in carrying out their assigned labor inspection tasks:

  1. Entering all workplaces, after notifying the employer or his representative before entering the establishment, while showing his ID card, unless he deems that such notification may harm the inspection task assigned to him, but in no case shall prior notice of the inspection visit be given for any reason.
  2. Examining records, documents, books, files or any other document related to workers, obtaining copies and extracts thereof, to verify their compliance with the requirements stipulated in the Labor Law and regulations and decisions issued in implementation thereof, and to draw the attention of employers to posting the statements and announcements stipulated in the Law in their establishments.
  3. Obtaining samples of materials used and circulated in the establishment for analysis, as well as examining machines and various installations to ensure the existence of adequate and effective means that provide preventive measures and health for workers. The inspector may issue the necessary orders to make urgent required changes to provide the necessary protection requirements from occupational hazards and machinery.
  4. Asking the employer or his representative or workers individually or in the presence of witnesses about any matters related to the implementation of the provisions of the Law, so that it can be inferred whether the requirements stipulated in the Labor Law and its implementing decisions are applied and to what extent.
  5. Discussing the best ways with employers and workers individually or collectively to facilitate the application of legal provisions related to work, and overcoming the difficulties that impede that, especially those related to ignorance of the provisions of the Law.


Article No. 199:

Employers and their agents shall provide inspectors and employees in charge of work inspection with the facilities necessary to carry out their duties, along with the information required in relating to the nature of their work, and shall appear before them and delegate a representative on their behalf, if so requested.  


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