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Developing standards for the work environment of persons with disabilities and providing them electronically through an automated program (platform) called “Mowaamah,” so that establishments, optional, wishing to develop their work environment environments to be suitable for persons with disabilities, can evaluate themselves based on those standards.

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Entering the Mowama website, registering, paying fees, uploading evidence, auditing, and obtaining a certificate


Implementation of standards for the work environment of persons with disabilities, and there are two types of standards (administrative and technical)

Required Documents

Attach evidence and explanations


The "Mowama" program is designed to support the increase in the participation of persons with disabilities in the Saudi labor market, in addition to encouraging giant and large enterprises to obtain the certificate according to the ministerial decision, and linking their participation to the equation for calculating the employee with disabilities in the Nitaqat incentive program for establishments for resettlement. Details of the ministerial decision on the following link:

All private sector establishments with various activities.

To obtain the "Mowaamah" certificate, the establishment must meet eight criteria: commitment, knowledge, employment, human resource management, products and services, communication, facilities, and information and communication technology.

Establishments wishing to obtain the certificate fill in their data on the registration page by selecting the “obtaining the certificate” service, and then starting the self-assessment procedures, submitting evidence, and applying for the certificate.

Fees are paid through the online payment portal(SADDAD) on the "Mowama" website.

The granting of the “Mowaamah” certificate depends on the degree obtained by the facility after the audit process by the accredited auditor. The types of certificates are as follows:

Golden Rank: For the degree starting from 70% and above.

Silver Rank: for the degree between 50% - 69%.

Bronze Rank: for the degree between 30% - 49%.

Participant’s rank: to the degree between 15%-29%.

The weight of a worker with a disability is currently calculated in the program to motivate establishments to resettle “Nitaqat” by four points for one worker, and in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. (3249) dated 3/9/1438 AH, no later than 1/4/1439 AH, the worker’s weight will be reduced from Persons with disabilities in “Nitaqat” are reduced to two workers only, and after a year has passed, the calculation of the weight of the worker with disabilities will be reduced to one worker only in the event that the facility does not obtain a “matching” certificate for giant and large facilities only.

The Mowama program is committed to the confidentiality of the information entered by the facility in the system, and it is not entitled to publish or share it with other parties without the permission of the participating facility.

After the facility formally submits the application and attaches all the necessary evidence, the work team takes about two weeks to study the application, complete all related procedures, and then issue the certificate to the facility that has met the required standards.

Based on the principle of partnership with the private sector, the Ministry of Human Resources deals with the participation fees in the “Mowama” program as a consideration for external services, such as the wages of certified auditors from the private sector, and no amount returns to its treasury, as the Ministry is keen to ensure that The work environment is appropriate and meets all standards, through certified and licensed auditors to perform this.

The optional trainer is requested from the induction program page, by choosing the “Training Request” service, where the facility is required to set an appropriate date within a period of no less than two weeks from submitting the application; In preparation for selecting a special trainer and sending him to the facility.

The validity period of the “Mowaamah” certificate for establishments that obtain the gold, silver or bronze rank is two years. As for the establishments that obtain the rank of participant, the validity period of the certificate is only one year.

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