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Ministry Policy

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, through the sectors it supervises, is dedicated to formulating general policies for labor systems in both the public and private sectors, and addressing social development and developmental programs in alignment with the visions and policies of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry continues its efforts in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030 by empowering national cadres, developing their skills in the labor market, and increasing women's economic participation. It collaborates with all partners to achieve strategic targets aimed at empowering the most vulnerable groups in society, enhancing the contribution of the non-profit sector to the gross domestic product, and reaching one million volunteers by 2025. Additionally, the Ministry is committed to serving beneficiaries according to the best practices and highest quality standards, reaffirming the Kingdom's commitment to achieving sustainable development in all fields.


Labor Sector:

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development serves as an enabling arm and one of the fundamental pillars for achieving Saudi Vision 2030. In this context, the Ministry has worked to achieve its strategic targets to make the Saudi labor market attractive to talents and competitive on a global scale. The Labor Market Strategy, through its supportive programs and initiatives, has contributed to achieving the vision's objectives, improving the work environment, increasing women's economic participation, and enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship. These efforts reflect the Kingdom's commitment to achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.


Civil Service Sector:

Recognizing the importance of governmental work, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, through its oversight of the public sector, is committed to achieving the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. This includes enhancing the performance of the public sector by providing digital services, improving the efficiency of human capital management in the civil service, achieving higher levels of job performance, and developing and reviewing systems, regulations, and policies.


Joint Services Sector:

The efforts of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development align with meeting the requirements of the national developmental journey led by Saudi Vision 2030. Through the joint services sector, the ministry has aimed to enhance legislation and services by improving project expenditure efficiency and supporting sustainability. This includes boosting business growth in the digital transformation field, activating collaboration mechanisms among government entities to achieve institutional excellence, promoting creativity and innovation, and adapting to global changes in beneficiary experience to elevate the quality of services provided.


Social Development Sector:

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development strives to achieve the targets of Saudi Vision 2030 and elevate the developmental sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ministry has worked on creating investment opportunities within the sector, enhancing corporate and individual social responsibility roles, supporting non-profit sector organizations, empowering beneficiaries of social security and persons with disabilities in the labor market, promoting community volunteering, and building and developing economic development partnerships to reach a vibrant and participatory society.