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International Affairs Agency

About the agency: 

The Ministry’s International Affairs Agency is administratively related to His Excellency the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Agency is concerned with managing the affairs of the ministry and its relations globally, whether bilateral or multilateral.

The Agency manages the participation of the ministry's delegations in international conferences and events in which the Kingdom is represented.

It also activates international communication channels so as to reflect Ministry’s efforts globally.


  • Enhancing relations with concerned international organizations and raising the level of benefit from its expertise.
  • Achieving effective and fruitful participation for the Ministry in international and regional conferences and events.
  • Enhancing bilateral relations between the Kingdom and other countries within the scope of work of the Ministry.
  • Ensuring the activation of bilateral and multilateral agreements and international memoranda of understanding.
  • Activating international communication in order to reflect the true image of the Ministry's efforts globally.


  • Developing the Agency's operational plan to implement the strategy of the Ministry in the field of international relations and affairs.
  • Concluding labor conventions between the Kingdom and labor-exporting countries, as well as analyzing markets to search attracting countries to ensure a continuous and safe flow of labor.
  • Coordinating with embassies of the Kingdom all over the world and embassies of labor-exporting countries concerned with affairs of expatriate workers.
  • Concluding international memoranda of understanding and working on activating them.
  • Analyzing international experiences within the scope of work of the Ministry to review the successful ones for the concerned departments, and conducting standard studies to determine the location of the Ministry's policies with its international counterparts.
  • Managing the Ministry's relations with international and regional organizations, and studying agreements in which the Kingdom is a party to prepare implementation reports.
  • Representing the Ministry in joint Saudi committees with counterpart countries, and managing the Ministry’s participation in all international conferences and events during which the Kingdom is represented.
  • Drawing international communication plans for the Ministry's projects and initiatives of international effect and supervising their implementation, activating communication with the international media, and monitoring what is published about the Ministry and its efforts.