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Support Services Agency

: Short Brief about the Agency

Agency activity focuses on providing the administrative and technical services for the other organizational units at HRSD, helping these units achieve their own goals by providing logistic support to the main services provided by HRSD, supervising the upgrade of the branches infrastructure, linking the feedback to support timely project completion by studying and perfectly distributing the branches as per the need for services and related cost. The Agency focuses on making all services available with the highest possible efficiency seeking to achieve the best model for geographical coverage.

Functions of Agency:

  • Planning, developing, and managing the HRSD budget.
  • Disbursing invoices and financial dues.
  • Managing and monitoring HRSD stock, keeping the stock items, supplying the HRSD sectors with their needs, and conducting periodic inventory.
  • Securing the needs of different departments, offices, and sections from purchases, materials, furniture, and different accessories, following up the purchase process until supply, and ensuring quantities, types, and specifications as stated in the purchase order.
  • Organizing correspondence processes.
    • Receiving and distributing the issued and received correspondence from and to HRSD. 
    • Following up on keeping, categorizing, and registering correspondence in the official records. 
  • Securing the needs of HRSD employees from transport means and regulating their movement.
  • Archiving the official documents and supervising the HRSD archive.
  • Securing the HRSD establishments and members.
  • Constructing, operating, and maintaining builds and facilities.
  • Providing public services and transport services.
  • Improving the service provided to customers in Development and Work Sectors.
  • Raising customer satisfaction with the provided service.
  • Governance of visits, workshops, and meetings and developing procedural paths to process outputs.
  • Studying the current condition of buildings and beginning to improve their user level.

Agency Goals:

  • Achieving the best financial practices.
  • Securing the needs, requirements, and logistics perfectly.
  • Keeping all documents and providing the fastest and easiest ways to access to them.
  • Keeping security and safety.
  • Paying invoices and financial dues without delay.
  • Maintaining the HRSD property and resources and managing its stock perfectly.
  • Upgrading and improving the operational contracts.
  • HRSD Branches Agency.
  • Developing the quality of the work environment in HRSD branches.
  • Social Partnerships.
  • Documenting and consolidating procedures in branches.

Agency Programs:

  • Balanced Scorecard.
  • Developing and rehabilitating buildings.
  • Branches Pulse Magazine.

Agency Initiatives:

Areas Development Initiative, which is concerned with implementing qualitative development initiatives and projects based on the KSA Vision 2030 and targets the society members in general and the categories served by HRSD in particular.