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Short Brief about the Agency:

The Labor Affairs Agency is one of the agencies affiliated with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) and is concerned with developing labor relations between work parties, and following up on the work of labor committees, and attaches in accordance with regulations and instructions. It includes:

Recruitment Agency, which works on the following:

  • Regulating and developing recruitment affairs by following up on the work of committees, labor attaches, recruitment companies, and offices in accordance with regulations and instructions.
  • Supervising the issuance of licenses to recruitment offices and companies and following up on the implementation of their requirements.
  • representing the HRSD in official committees, meetings, occasions, local, regional, Arabian and international conferences, and symposiums held for the field of the works assigned to the Agency.

Labor Relations Affairs Agency, which supervises the following:

  • Supervising the development of labor relations and culture policies and systems to improve the relationship between the worker and the employer.
  • Supervising the management and development of labor committees in order to achieve a healthy and productive work environment, developing regulations and instructions for work break reports.
  • Supervising a case study of companies in the labor market, assessing and identifying risks that lead to labor crises, and managing operations in companies classified within companies that fell into a crisis or in the pre-crisis stages to legalize and manage crises and hand over rights and duties to workers.
  • Considering the cases of labor disputes between the worker and the employer, trying to bring the views closer, and conducting a mediation process to resolve the dispute before resorting to court procedures.
  • The General Department of Operational Excellence and Business Transformation works on developing executive plans and initiatives and supervising business transformation processes in the Agency to ensure the development, implementation, and continuous evaluation of the existing businesses, expanding their scope and enhancing services through the implementation of business solutions initiatives to improve operations, costs and operational excellence according to the objectives of HRSD.

Functions of the Agency:   

  • Supervising the implementation of the rules, regulations, decisions, and instructions related to the affairs of recruitment companies and offices.
  • Supervising the recruitment of workers and approvals for the issuance of visas.
  • Implementing the approved recruitment policies.
  • Developing procedures and conditions for recruiting workers and obtaining visas.
  • Raising the level of labor knowledge to reduce labor disputes, activating accessible and easily accessible capabilities that lead to raising levels of commitment, and increasing the awareness of employers and workers of rights and duties to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations while promoting, developing and empowering workers to increase the effectiveness of the labor market.
  • Proposing policies and programs that contribute to the development of labor affairs, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.
  • Supervising the implementation of the rules, regulations, decisions, and instructions related to labor affairs and amicable settlement.
  • Supervising the deployment of labor culture and providing vocational guidance services in private sector establishments.

Agency Goals:

  • Ensuring the development of recruitment processes and the development of their procedures in accordance with the approved policies.
  • Encouraging competitiveness, transparency, and creativity in the labor sector.
  • Making efforts to conciliate and reconcile litigants and settle labor disputes in accordance with what is required by the Labor Law, decisions, and regulations related to labor relations, and contributing to spreading labor awareness and culture.
  • Developing relations among work parties and improving the procedures of sponsorship transfer and its related requirements.
  • Organizing and balancing the individuals' sector to create an appropriate work environment that guarantees the rights and duties of stakeholders to enhance the infrastructure.
  • Activating the participatory role with the governmental and private sector authorities.
  • Access to a secure and effective labor market that ensures rights.
  • Protecting the labor market customers.
  • Developing the monitoring and regulatory framework for the business of recruitment companies and offices.
  • Regulating and supervising the different contracting relationships in recruitment companies and offices.
  • Increasing labor awareness and culture.
  • Continuously providing and developing labor services.
  • Regulating the individuals' sector.
  • Developing clear and easy procedures for the different communication channels.

Agency Programs:

Labor Affairs Agency includes main programs to be distributed as follows:

Recruitment Agency:

  • Development of Domestic Labor Accommodation Houses Program.
  • Recruitment Strategy Development Program.

Labor Relations Agency:

  • Labor Culture Program.
  • Amicable Settlement Procedures Development Program.

Operational Excellence and Business Transformation:

  • Al-Safwa Program.     

Agency Initiatives:

Labor Affairs Agency includes initiatives to be distributed as follows:

Recruitment Affairs Agency:                            

  • Ensuring the Domestic Labor.
  • Governance of relations between HRSD and recruitment companies and offices.
  • Developing mechanisms for complaints against recruitment.
  • Improving and following up the implementation of the controls of the contractual relationship among companies; labor attaches, to review,  click here.
  • Developing individual contracts related to domestic labor.
  • Seasonal visas.
  • Foreign investment for recruitment companies.
  • Ajeer; recruitment developer.
  • Developing procedures for the initiative for providing an appropriate residential environment for ex-pats and developing the monitoring mechanism
  • Developing the expats' services and issuing the service manual.
  • Developing an electronic system for managing and operating the domestic labor accommodation houses
  • Initiative for developing a program for qualifying the national human resources in cooperation with the recruitment companies (Isnadd for Saudis)
  • Developing licensing services and regulations

Labor Relations Agency:

  • Developing and analyzing the labor culture strategy.
  • Securing the rights of the private sector labor
  • Developing an amicable settlement system between the employee and employer
  • Implementing the labor culture - electronic application for familiarization with the labor culture.
  • Operational Excellence and Business Transformation:
  • Comprehensive employee.
  • Canceling individual sponsorship.