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His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Abuthnain sponsored the second economic seminar of the Riyadh Economic Forum, reviewing key strategic directions in the development and enhancement of skills

Publication date: 18 December 2023 - 05 Jumada al-thani 1445

On the evening of today, His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Nasser Abuthnain, Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Development for the Labor Sector, sponsored the second economic seminar organized by the Riyadh Economic Forum titled "The Reality of Development and Enhancement of Professional Skills among Students and Their Compatibility with the Requirements of the Saudi Labor Market."

During the main session of the seminar, Abuthnain discussed the strategic directions of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the development and enhancement of skills. He highlighted the ministry's role in supporting the labor market and developing professional competencies through the preparation of the national skills framework, which includes planning, development, recognition, and management of skills.

His Excellency also presented the vision and national strategic initiatives for skills, comprising 18 strategic initiatives. He spoke about prominent programs and initiatives launched by the ministry to develop the skills of workers in the labor market and job seekers. Notable among them are the establishment of sectoral skills councils, the launch of the National Professional Standards Initiative, the national campaign to encourage private sector training (Waad), the Skills Acceleration Initiative, the Paid Training Vouchers Initiative for individuals, the Parallel Training Initiative to support women's participation in the labor market, and the establishment of the Supply and Demand Oversight Unit in the labor market.

Dr. Abdullah Abuthnain emphasized that the decision to disclose private sector training is based on the ministry's belief in the role of the private sector in training. The goal is to enhance and develop competencies and human capital, improve skills in the labor market, and highlight the private sector's efforts in training.

He underscored the commitment of the human resources and social development system to support the development of skills for workers and job seekers, providing them with professional and training experiences aligned with the current and future requirements and needs of the Saudi labor market through its initiatives within the labor market strategy and vision achievement programs.


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