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An HRSD Delegation Visits Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for Joint Cooperation

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A delegation from the HRSD, headed by the HRSD Deputy for Skills and Training, Dr. Ahmed Alzaharni, visited the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The visit is driven by the importance of developing skills as a national strategic priority of the Kingdom.

The visit aims at discussing the ways of cooperations and the exchange of experiences and knowledges between both sides along with being acquainted with the Jordanian experiment in operating and activating 13 sectorial councils for skills.

During its visit, the HRSD’s delegation met officers of the Ministry of Labor and the Technical and Vocational Skills Development Commission (TVSDC) together with a number of Amman Chamber’s officers, businessmen, heads and members of sectorial councils for skills. During the visit, they discussed the importance and effectiveness of sectorial councils which intensified efforts under one umbrella for determining the skills and criteria needed by the labor market.

The HRSD Deputy Minister for Skills and Training, Dr. Ahmed Alzahrani, clarified that this visit was an opportunity to be familiar with the methods and approaches adopted in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for the purpose of establishing and operating sectorial councils for skill. He indicated that councils mainly aim at partnership with the private sector, bringing together the relevant parties within the sectorial planning for skills and professions and establishing national professional criteria, which contributes to producing outputs that primarily cope with the needs of the labor market.

Worth mentioning that this visit was made within the action plan for operating and activating the sectorial councils for skills in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The HRSD seeks to benefit from that experiment for operating and activating 12 sectorial councils for skills, designing 12 frameworks for the technical and specialized sectorial skills, covering 2000 skills, and laying down and establishing criteria for 300 profession and career paths by the year 2025.


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