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Publication date: 27 March 2023 - 05 Ramadan 1444

(The provisions herein related to job duties were reformulated under the decision No. 703/10800 of His Excellency the Minister of Civil Service dated 30/10/1427 AH based on the directive of the Civil Service Council "formerly" in its meeting on 05/06/1427 AH. the Ministry was informed with such decision No. 614/424/M.K. that stipulate assigning the Ministry of Civil Service to reformulate the said provisions in the form of regulations and circulate such to the government authorities. The Ministry issued Circular No. 121/703 dated 4/11/1427 AH, by notifying government authorities of the regulations herein. The regulations shall be effective from the date of the notification on 4/11/1427 AH).

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