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Publication date: 26 January 2023 - 04 Rajab 1444

Article (2)

The employer shall not assign the domestic workers to work other than that agreed upon in the contract, or to assign him to work for a third parties.

Article (7)

The employer shall:

1- Not assign the domestic worker to work other than the work agreed upon, except in cases of necessity, provided that the work, which the domestic worker is assigned to does not differ substantially from their original work

2- Not assign the domestic worker to any dangerous work that threatens their health, integrity of their body, or violates the domestic worker's human dignity.

3- Pay the wage agreed upon at the end of each Hijri month to the domestic service worker, unless otherwise agreed upon between two parties in writing.

4- Pay the wage and their dues in cash or by check, and document this in writing, unless the domestic service worker wants to transfer such dues to a specific bank account.

5- Provide good housing for the domestic worker.

6- Allow the domestic worker to enjoy daily rest for a period of not less than nine hours per day.

7- Appear in person, or by delegation, before the committee on the dates it determines to consider the claim submitted against the employer.

8- Not hire the domestic worker or allow them to work for their own interest

Article (16):

The domestic worker shall be entitled to end-of-service reward of one-month wage if such a domestic worker has spent four years in a row in the employer’s service.

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Article (8)The domestic worker my obtain a weekly day of rest, as agreed upon by the parties to the contract.Article (10)The domestic worker shall be entitled to a one-month paid leave if such domesti...


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