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Publication date: 26 January 2023 - 04 Rajab 1444

Definition of Minor: Any person of 15 and below 18 years of age. Article (2)

Conditions for Employment of Minor

1- Minors may not be employed in hazardous jobs or harmful industries, or in occupations or jobs that may endanger their health, safety, or morals due to the nature or conditions of the same. The Minister shall specify such jobs, industries, and occupations pursuant to a decision issued by him. Article (161)

2-Any person below the age of 15 years may not be employed or allowed to enter places of work. The Minister may, pursuant to a decision by him, raise this age limit in certain industries or areas or for certain categories of minors. Article (162)

3-As an exception to paragraph (1) of this Article, the Minister may allow the employment or work of persons between 13 and 15 years of age in light works, subject to the following conditions:

2.1 Such jobs shall not be potentially harmful to their health or growth.

2.2 Such jobs shall not hinder their school attendance or their participation in orientation or vocational training programs, or impair their ability to benefit from their schooling.

4-Minors may not work during a period of night the duration of which is not less than 12 consecutive hours, except in cases determined pursuant to a decision by the Minister. Article (163)

5-Minors may not be made to perform actual work for more than six hours a day for all months except for the month of Ramadhan when the actual working hours shall not exceed four hours.

6- Working hours shall be organized so that a minor does not work for more than four consecutive hours without one or more periods, each not less than half an hour, for rest, food, and prayers, provided that the minor does not remain at the workplace for more than seven hours. Minors may not be made to work during weekly rest days, Eid days, official holidays, or annual leaves.

7- The minors may not be subject to the exceptions provided for in Article 106 of this Law. Article (164)

8-Prior to employing a minor, the employer shall obtain from him the following documents: Article (165) a- The national identification card or an official birth certificate.

b-A report of physical fitness for the required job issued by a competent physician and duly certified by a health authority.

c- The consent of the minor’s guardian. Such documents shall be kept in the minor's file.

d-An employer shall notify the competent labor office of the employment of each minor within the first week of such employment, and shall keep at the workplace a register for employed minors, showing the name of the minor, age, the full name of guardian, place of residence, and the date of employment. Article (166)

Not Subject to Law

The provisions provided for in this Part shall not apply to work undertaken by children and minors in schools for general, vocational, or technical education, and in other training institutions, nor shall they apply to work undertaken in firms by persons who are at least 14 years of age if such work is performed in accordance with the conditions set forth by the Minister and the work constitutes an essential part of the following:

1-An educational or training course the primary responsibility for which lies with a school or training institution. 2- A training program all or the major part of which is implemented in a firm if approved by the competent authority.

3-An orientation program aimed at facilitating the selection of the career or type of training. Article (167)

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