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Publication date: 26 January 2023 - 04 Rajab 1444

In accordance with Article (1) of the Regulations of the Domestic Workers and the Likes:

Employer: Each and every person of a natural character who has recruited the domestic service worker themselves, or through a licensed recruitment agency, or contracted with him/her, directly or indirectly, to perform domestic service.

Domestic Service: Direct or indirect personal service performed by the domestic worker to the employer, or any member of his/her family for a wage.

Domestic Worker: A person of a natural character who performs a direct or indirect domestic service to the employer, or any member of their family, and during their performance of the service such a domestic service worker shall be supervised and directed by the employer, or their deputy; this shall include male and female domestic workers, private drivers, gardeners, or home guards and the like. When the term “domestic worker” is used in this Regulation, it means the domestic worker and the like.

Home: The place where the family resides, permanently or temporarily.

Family: The employer and the people who live with him, and have a kinship or affinity with, or are under his personal care for any legal or moral reason

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