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Work Injuries

Publication date: 26 January 2023 - 04 Rajab 1444
  • Reporting the Work Injuries

Article (28)

  1. The employer shall inform the competent labor office of the worker's injury within one week of his knowledge.
  2. The labor office shall decide whether it is a work injury or not, as per the official reports
  3. In case of lack of any medical reports that determine the percentage of deficit resulted from the injury, or if either party appealed against the medical report, the labor office shall refer the injured person to any governmental hospitals to get the necessary medical report.
  4. The labor office shall determine the compensation due to the injured person as per the percentage of disability indicated in the medical report.
  5. If either party rejects the labor office's estimation, the subject shall be referred to the competent labor courts.”
  • With regard to the work injuries:

Article (133)

If a worker sustains a work injury or an occupational disease, the employer shall be required to treat him/her and assume, directly or indirectly, all necessary expenses, including hospitalization, medical examinations and tests, radiology, prosthetic devices, and transportation expenses to treatment centers.

Article (134)

An injury shall be deemed a work injury in accordance with the provisions of the Social Insurance Law. Occupational diseases shall also be considered work injuries and the date of the first medical diagnosis of the disease shall be treated tantamount to the date of injury

Article (135)

Any relapse or complication arising from an injury shall be deemed an injury and shall be treated as such in terms of aid and treatment.

Compensation for Injury

Article (138)

If an injury results in a permanent total disability or the death of the injured person, the injured person or his eligible beneficiaries shall be entitled to a compensation equal to his/her wages for three years, with a minimum of 54,000 riyals.

If the injury results in a permanent partial disability, the injured person shall be entitled to a compensation equal to the percentage of the estimated disability in accordance with the approved Disability Percentage Guide schedule multiplied by the amount of compensation for total permanent disability.

Article (137)

In the case of temporary disability arising from a work injury, the injured party shall be entitled to financial aid equal to his/her full wage for 60 days, then 75% of the wage for the entire duration of his treatment. If one year elapses, or it is medically determined that the injured party’s chances of recovery are improbable or that he/she is not physically fit to work, his/her injury shall be deemed a total disability. In this case, the contract shall be terminated and the worker shall be compensated for the injury. The employer shall not be entitled to recover payments made to the injured worker during that year.

Article (140)

Liability of previous employers of a worker suffering from an occupational disease shall be determined in light of the medical report of the attending physician. Previous employers shall be required to pay the compensation provided for in Article 138 of this Law, each in proportion to the period said worker spent in his/her service, provided that the industries or occupations they engage in cause the disease the worker suffers from.

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