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New Graduates

Publication date: 26 January 2023 - 04 Rajab 1444

Article (22)

The Ministry shall provide employment units, free of charge, at locations convenient for employers and workers, which shall:

1. Assist workers in finding suitable jobs and aid employers in recruiting suitable workers.

2. Gather necessary information on the labor market and its developments and analyzing such information to make it available to various public and private organizations concerned with economic and social planning affairs.

3. Perform the following duties:

3.1 Registering job seekers.

3.2 Obtaining data on vacant jobs from employers.

3.3 Referring workers’ applications to suitable vacant jobs.

3.4 Providing advice and assistance to job seekers with respect to vocational qualification and training or the required retraining to fill vacancies.

3.5 Other matters decided by the Ministry.

Article (23)

Every citizen of working age who is capable of work and willing to work may register his/her name at the employment unit along with his/her date of birth, qualifications, previous employment, preferences, and address.

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