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Women's Rights

Publication date: 26 January 2023 - 04 Rajab 1444

Article (153)

An employer shall provide medical care for female workers during pregnancy and delivery.

Article (154)

When a female worker returns to work following a maternity leave, she shall be entitled, in addition to the rest periods granted to all workers, to a rest period or periods not exceeding in aggregate one hour a day for nursing her infant. Such period or periods shall be calculated as part of the actual working hours and shall not entail any reduction in wage

Article (155)

An employer may not terminate the employment of a female worker or give her a warning of the same during her pregnancy or while she is on maternity leave. This shall include the period she is ill as a result of either of them, provided that her illness is documented pursuant to an official medical report, and that her absence does not exceed 180 days a year whether separately or consecutively.

Article (158)

In all occupations and places where women are employed, the employer shall provide them with seats for resting.

Article (159)

1- An employer who employs 50 female workers or more shall provide them with a suitable place with an adequate number of babysitters to look after the female workers’ children below the age of six years, if the number of children reaches 10 or more.

2-The Minister may require an employer who employs 100 women or more in a single city to set up a nursery, either on his/her own or in conjunction with other employers in the same city, or alternatively, to contract with an existing nursery to care for the children of the female workers who are under six years of age during work periods. In such case, the Minister shall set forth the terms and conditions regulating such facilities as well as the charges imposed on the female workers benefiting from this service.


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