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Probation Period

Publication date: 26 January 2023 - 04 Rajab 1444

Article (54)

  • A worker may not be placed on probation more than once by the same employer. As an exception, the worker may, with the approval of contract parties, in writing, be subjected to another probation period provided that such period involves another profession or work, or if no less than six months have elapsed since the termination of the work relationship between the worker and the employer.
  • If both parties agree to extend the probation period, such period shall be extended after the commencement of the employment contract, within the valid probation period. Such extension may be carried out once or more times, provided that it shall be conducted based on a prior written agreement per each time. In any event, the original probation period along with the extension periods may not exceed 180 days.
  • If the contract is terminated during the probation period, neither party shall be entitled to compensation nor shall the worker be entitled to an end-of-service award.

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