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Publication date: 26 January 2023 - 04 Rajab 1444

Article (38)

An employer may not employ a worker in a profession other than the one specified in his work permit. A worker is prohibited from engaging in a profession other than his/hers before taking the legal measures necessary to change his profession.

Article (39)

1- Unless he/she has followed the stipulated legal rules and procedures, an employer may not allow his/her worker to work for others, and a worker may not work for other employers. Similarly, an employer may not employ the workers of other employers. The Ministry of Labor shall inspect firms, investigate violations of this paragraph detected by its inspectors, and refer them to the Ministry of Interior for the imposition of prescribed penalties.

2- An employer may not allow a worker to work for his own account and a worker may not work for his own account. The Ministry of Interior shall be in charge of detection, detention, deportation, and imposition of penalties on violators working for their own account in streets and squares, as well as absconding workers and persons employing, hiding, or transporting

them as well as any person involved in such violation, and shall impose the prescribed penalties against them.

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