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Publication date: 26 January 2023 - 04 Rajab 1444

Article (3)

Work is the right of every citizen. No one else may exercise such right unless the conditions provided for in this Law are fulfilled. All citizens are equal in the right to work without discrimination on the basis of gender, disability, age, or any other form of discrimination, whether during their performance of work, at the time of employment, or at the time of advertising.

Article (26)

1- All firms in all fields, and regardless of the number of workers, shall work to attract and employ Saudis, create conditions to keep them on the job, and avail them of adequate opportunities to prove their suitability for the job by guiding, training, and qualifying them for their assigned jobs.

2- The percentage of Saudi workers employed by an employer shall not be less than 75% of the total number of their workers. The Minister may temporarily reduce this percentage in

case of the lack of adequate technically or academically qualified workers or if it is not possible to fill vacant jobs with nationals

Article (42)

Each employer shall be required to prepare his Saudi workers and enhance their technical, administrative, vocational, and other skills for the purpose of gradually replacing non-Saudis. The employer shall keep a record showing the names of the Saudi workers who have replaced non-Saudis in accordance with the conditions and rules set forth in the Regulations.

Article (43)

Without prejudice to the conditions set forth in franchise and other agreements regarding training and qualification, every employer employing 50 or more workers shall annually train, in his business, a number of their Saudi workers not less than 12% of the total number of his workers. This percentage shall include Saudi workers who are pursuing their studies if the employer is covering their tuition fees. The Minster may raise this percentage in certain firms pursuant to a decision by the Minister.

Article (48)

Definition of Training and Qualification Contract A training or qualification contract is a contract which commits the employer to train and qualify a person for a specific profession.

The party seeking to terminate the contract shall notify the other party of this at least one week prior to the date of termination of training or qualification.

The training program shall include the rules and conditions to be followed in training, its duration, number of hours, theoretical and practical training programs, testing method, and the certificates to be granted in this regard. The Regulations shall set forth the general criteria and rules to be followed in this regard to raise the worker’s level of performance in terms of skill and productivity.

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Article (3)