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Duties of Employers

Publication date: 26 January 2023 - 04 Rajab 1444

If the employer assigns all or part of his original business to a natural or corporate person, the latter shall give his/her workers all the rights and privileges, which the original employer gives to his/her workers.

Article (13)

1- Every employer shall draft bylaws for his firm in line with the Ministry’s model bylaws. Exceptions to this provision may be granted by the Minister.

2- The employer may incorporate into the bylaws additional terms and conditions that do not conflict with the provisions of this Law, its Regulations, and the decisions for the implementation thereof.

3- The employer shall make the bylaws and any amendments thereto accessible to employees in a manner that ensures their knowledge of the provisions.

Article (15)

An employer shall, upon commencement of work in the firm, notify the competent labor office in writing of the following data:

1- Name, type and headquarters of the firm, as well as its mailing address and any information that facilitates contact therewith.

2- Line of business for which it is licensed, providing the number of the commercial register or the license, its date and issuing authority, together with a copy thereof.

3- Number of workers to be employed in the firm.

4- Name of the firm’s manager in-charge.

5- Any other data required by the Ministry.

Article (16)

1- If the employer is unable to run the business in person, he shall designate a representative at the workplace. In case of multiple partners or managers in the firm, one of them, from among those residing at the place of work, shall be nominated to represent the employer and be liable for any violation of the provisions of this Law.

2- The employer shall notify the competent labor office in writing of the name of the partner or manager, and, in case of his replacement, he shall notify the labor office of the name of the new partner or manager within seven days at most of the date of the latter’s assuming the job.

3- In case no manager is appointed to be in charge of the firm, or if the appointed manager does not assume his duties, then the person who actually runs the firm or the employer himself shall be considered the manager in charge of the firm.

In all cases, the employer is ultimately liable.

Article (25)

Every employer shall send the following to the competent labor office:

1- A statement of vacant and new jobs, their types, locations, wages, and qualifications within a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of vacancy or creation thereof.

2- A notice of the measures taken to employ the citizens nominated by the employment unit within seven days from receiving the nomination letter.

3- A list of the names, jobs, professions, wages, ages, and nationalities of their workers, as well as the numbers and dates of work permits for non-Saudis and other data specified in the Regulations.

4- A report on the status, conditions, and nature of work and the anticipated increase or decrease in jobs during the year following the date of the report.

5- The statements specified in paragraphs (3) and (4) of this Article shall be sent during the month of Muharram of every year.



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