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Sick Leave

Publication date: 14 November 2019 - 17 Rabi' al-awwal 1441

• An employee whose illness has been proven shall be eligible for a paid sick leave for the first (30) days, three quarters of the wage for the next (60) days and without pay for the following thirty days, during a single year.

• Employers may not terminate an employee's service due to sickness before enjoying the full-entitled sick leave stipulated in this law. An employee shall have the right to request connecting his annual leave with the sick leave.

• If any of the sick leave days overlap with the annual leave, then the annual leave shall be on hold until the sick leave expires. Upon completion of the sick leave, the annual leave shall resume.

• An employee shall not be compensated for weekly rest days if it overlaps with the sick leave.

• An injured employee, if temporarily unable to work due to a work injury, has the right to a financial aid equal to the employee full wage for a period of sixty days, after such period the employee is entitled to a financial aid equal to (75%) of the full wage for the reminder of the recovery period. If the recovery period reaches a year or it has been decided medically that the employee recovery is unlikely to recover or be fit for work, the injury will be considered a full impairment and the work contract will be terminated and the employee will be compensated for the injury. The employer shall not have the right to recover the amounts paid to the employee during such year.

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