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Disciplinary Rules

Publication date: 14 November 2019 - 17 Rabi' al-awwal 1441

The disciplinary penalties that the employer may inflict on the worker:

• Warning.

• Fines.

• Withholding allowance or postponing it for a period not exceeding one year if prescribed by the employer.

• Postponement of promotion for a period not exceeding one year if prescribed by the employer.

• Suspension from work and withholding of wages.

• Dismissal from work in cases set forth by the law.(A/66)

• An employer may not inflict on a worker a penalty not provided for in this Law or in the work organization regulation.(A/67)

• The penalty shall not be made harsher in the event of repeated violation if 180 days have elapsed since the previous violation was committed, calculated from the date the worker is Informed of the penalty for that violation.(A/68)

• A worker may not be accused of any offense discovered after the elapse of more than 30 days, nor shall he be subjected to a disciplinary penalty after the elapse of more than 30 days from conclusion of the investigation and establishment of the worker's guilt.(A/69)

• A worker may not be subjected to disciplinary penalty for an act committed outside the workplace unless such act is related to the job, the employer or the manager in-charge.(A/70)

• A worker may not be fined for a single violation an amount in excess of a five-day wage.(A/70)

• No more than one penalty shall be applied for the same violation.(A/70)

• No more than a five-day wage shall be deducted from his wages in one month in payment of fines.(A/70)

• May not stop working for a period of work without pay more than 5 days in the month.(A/70)

• A disciplinary action may not be imposed on a worker except after notifying him in writing of the allegations, interrogating him, hearing his defense and recording the same in minutes to be kept in his file. The interrogation may be verbal in minor violations the penalty for which does not go beyond a warning or a deduction of a one-day salary. This shall be recorded in minutes.(A/71)

• The worker shall be notified in writing of the decision of imposing the penalty on him. If he refuses to receive the same or if he is absent, the notice shall be sent to the address shown in his file by registered mail.(A/72)

• The worker may object to the decision of imposing the penalty upon him within fifteen days, excluding official holidays, from the date of notifying him of the final decision. The objection shall be filed with the Commission for the Settlement of Labor Disputes which shall be required to issue its decision within thirty days from the date of registering the objection.(A/72)​

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