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Rules and Conditions of Training and Qualification Obligatory to the Employer

Publication date: 14 November 2019 - 17 Rabi' al-awwal 1441

• The training or qualification contract shall be in writing, indicating the profession for which the training is contracted, the duration of training and successive stages, and the allowance to be paid to the trainee in each stage, provided that it is not based on piecemeal or productivity. The Minister may require the establishments, to be identified pursuant to a decision by him to accept a certain number or percentage of the students and graduates of colleges, institutes and centers to receive training and supplementary practical experience in accordance with the conditions, circumstances, durations and trainee allowances to be specified in an agreement to be concluded between the Ministry and the management of the relevant establishment.

• The Employer may terminate the training and qualification contract if it is proved to him that the employee under training is unable or unfit to complete the program efficiently. The employee under training or qualification or his/her guardian the right to terminate the training and qualification contract. If either party terminates the contract, then such party must give a notice no less than one week before such termination to the other party.

• The employer may obligate the employee undertaking the training or qualification, after the completion of the training and qualification program, to work for the employer for an equal period of the training or qualification. If the employee undertaking the training or qualification refuses to work for the employer for an equal duration or a part of it, then the employee shall pay the employer the expenses incurred by the employer for the training or qualification or as allocated to reminder of the period.​

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