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Wage Deductions and Percentage of Deduction:

Publication date: 14 November 2019 - 17 Rabi' al-awwal 1441

First: No amount shall be deducted from the employee's wage against private rights without his written consent, except in the following cases:

•Repayment of loans extended by the employer, provided that such deductions do not exceed 10% of his wage.

• Social insurance or any other contributions due on the employees as provided for by law.

• Employee's contributions to thrift funds or loans due to such funds.

• Installments of any scheme undertaken by the employer involving home ownership programs or any other privilege.

• Fines imposed on the employee on account of violations committed, as well as deductions made for damages caused.

• Any debt collected in implementation of a judicial judgment, provided that the monthly deduction shall not exceed one quarter of the employee's wage, unless the judgment provides otherwise. First to be collected is alimony, followed by food, clothing and accommodation debts, before other debts.

Second: In all cases, deductions made may not exceed half the employee's due wage, unless the Commission for the Settlement of Labor Disputes determines that further deductions can be made or that the employee is in need of more than half his wage. In the latter case, the employee may not be given more than three quarters of his wage.

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