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Social Development in K.S.A

K.S.A has adopted the local community development approach since the year H1380, before the establishment of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, where the community development was carried out by the Ministry of Education. The social development center has been founded in AL-Derreayah as a trial center and after its foundation a committee has been formed from the citizens to run the work . Also, a cooperative society has been established, a youth syndicate was formed and then represented a core of a club, in addition to establishing a House for the girls which later became a school for girls. All these accomplishments have been considered as indicators of a successful experience.

In H1381, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development was founded and it shouldered the project expansion by establishing a number of community development centers in both the urban and rural areas. The social development center in AL-Derreayah has become a center for development and training and contributed to train and equip a lot of indigenous cadres who joined working at those centers.

Development, is generally defined as aware process directed to form an integrated social civilizational construction by which the society emphasizes its identity, entity and creativity. In such concept the development is based on the principle of the positive mass collaboration starting with planning and taking decisions passing through the execution and shouldering the responsibilities and ending with benefiting from the outcome and fruits of the development projects and programs.

In the light of what has been stipulated on the executive rules and regulations of the organizational bylaw of the social development centers, issued under the council of Ministers’ decision No (161) dated 11/05/1428 H, the social development centers are defined as” social institutions based on convincing the citizens with their local communities’ need for development and growth besides involving those citizens in figuring out and discussing their needs and problems , planning the required reforming programs and participating them financially and literary in order to implement those programs”.

The organizational bylaw of the social development centers has been issued under the council of Ministers’ decision No(161) dated 11/05/1428 H, and the executive rules and regulations have been issued under His Excellency / the Minister ‘s decision No(77713) dated 03/09/1428H and it was considered effective since this date.

Because of the ministry of social affairs officials’ commitment to their responsibilities ,and the directions issued by His Excellency / the Minister, the number of the social development centers reached (41) centers run by more than (502) indigenous social development committees and some 62 new committees of them has not started work yet.

The Social Development Agency has recently launched a number of the development initiatives (1.2) such as:

  • Irrshad (guidance) Initiative: It is an initiative aiming to realize the family stability through treating and tacking the family problems in their early stages.
  • Dilloonee(guide me)Initiative: It is an initiative aiming to help the Saudi citizens access the social services available in the society.
  • Sanned (Support) Initiative: It is an initiative aiming to the social survey for the least developed regions and neighborhoods and submitting the ir needs to the concerned parties.
  • Ta’aheel( Rehabilitation) Initiative: It is an initiative aiming to equip those who are about to get married through familiarizing them with the basic principles of treatment between a husband and a wife.
  • Jarry(My Neighbor) Initiative: It is an initiative aiming to increase the social bonds among neighbors within the huge physical expansion in the cities.
  • Deyaffah(Hospitality) Initiative: It is an initiative aiming to equip specialized human cadres or staff to follow up children hosting centers.
  • Social Worker Initiative: It is an initiative aiming to achieve the social education and social support to the families at their homes.
  • Intaji (My production) Initiative: It is an initiative aiming to activate the productive families ’programs and help them in marketing their products.


Developmental Initiatives:

  • Ehssan(Philanthropy) Initiative: It is an initiative aiming to support the divorced women in order to provide them and their children with the psychological peace and stability.
  • Tawfeeq(Matching ) Initiative: It is an initiative aiming to make the matching and harmony process between those who are interested in getting married in an advanced scientific manner and legal commitment.
  • Neharryah(Day time) Initiative: It is an initiative aiming to provide the handicapped and autistic children with the care and rehabilitation besides supporting their families socially and psychologically.
  • Tajmeel (Beautification) Initiative: It is an initiative aiming to acquire the girls the skills of beautification and hairdressing.
  • Mahrah( Skill) Initiative : It is an initiative aiming to acquire the individual the basic skills of the simple vocational requirements such as : carpentry , plumbing , electricity, mechanic and mobile phones maintenance.
  • Herfatti(My handcraft) Initiative: It is an initiative aiming to acquire the women a handcraft ,promoting their professional skills and enable them to master their sustainable competitive and productive capabilities.
  • Hewayah(Hobby) Initiative : It is an initiative aiming to acquire the youths (both girls and boys) the bobbies in addition to enable them to master and develop their own hobbies in a scientific manner.

Social Development Centers

They are based on the real participation of the citizens in determining their needs , their participation financially, incorporeally and humanly in the implementation of the various developmental , social , cultural , training , entertainment and sport programs which contribute in meeting the local community needs and achieving the community security and safety.

Indigenous Social Development Committees:

They are committees supervised by the social development centers and they motivate and encourage the citizens to form these committees in order to discuss the public needs of their regions and local communities and to work hard to meet these needs through the various development programs suggested by those committees. The Community Individuals also contribute financially and incorporeally.

Social Development Programs:

  • Family guidance
  • Insurance Pensions
  • Medical services
  • Juveniles’ care
  • Persons with disabilities care
  • Elders care
  • Orphans and children care
  • Society development
  • Begging prevention and control
  • Charitable foundations support
  • Various servicing programs And the insurance pensions provide the following programs:
  • Orphans care.
  • Providing care for those who reached the age of 60 or more.
  • Providing care for permanently or temporary disabled persons.
  • Providing care the women who lost their breadwinners.
  • Providing care for the families who lost their breadwinners.

The Servicing programs are as the following:

Wazifni( Recruit me) program to help the sons and daughter of the social insurance beneficiaries.

Rehabilitation and training program of the sons and daughters of the social insurance beneficiaries.

Program of marketing the productive families ‘ products.

Wessal (Communion) Program for the abstinent families.

The Supportive Programs focus on :

  • Lump Allocations Program.
  • Supplementary subsidy program
  • Houses renovation program.
  • Money aids for buying the school bag and uniform
  • Electricity bill payment program
  • Money aids for buying foods
  • Health insurance program
  • Home furniture and carpet program
  • Productive projects support program