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Committee for the Care of Prisoners and their Families

لجنة رعاية السجناء وأسرهم

Establishment of the Committee: The honorable Council of Ministers Decision No. (2) dated 1/1/1422 AH was issued to establish a national committee for the care of prisoners, the released ones and their families, from which sub-committees for the care of prisoners in the regions of the Kingdom emerge. His Excellency the Minister of Social Affairs issued Decision No. (9), dated 9/1/1424 AH, establishing the Committee for the Care of Prisoners, Released Persons and Their Families in the Riyadh Region.


Strive to build a coherent and interdependent society by promoting and developing the concept of religious, moral and national duty and consolidating the principle of social solidarity.


Developing the means to ensure the care of inmates, the released and their families, improving their lives, supporting them financially and morally, and rehabilitating them to ensure a decent life for them.


  1. Participate in the development of programs within correctional institutions and prisons.
  2. Taking the necessary means to take care of the inmates and their families.
  3. Taking the necessary means to take care of the released and their families in order to prevent them from returning to crime.
  4. Contribute to conducting specialized scientific studies concerned with the affairs of inmates and released detainees and taking care of their families.