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National Center for Social Studies

المركز الوطني للدراسات والبحوث الاجتماعية

The Council of Ministers issued Resolution No. (220), dated 7 Rajab 1433 AH, approving the organization of the National Center for Social Studies. According to Article 1 of the Supreme Resolution, the Center is an independent legal entity directly linked to the Minister of Resources and Social Development. Its headquarters is in the city of Riyadh, and its activation began on Rajab 1, 1436 AH, corresponding to (April 20, 2015 AD).

The role of the NCSS is to observe, study and analyze social issues and phenomena and make recommendations regarding their implications. The National Center for Social Security also provides relevant governmental bodies with the results of studies, statistics, and other information that would help in setting plans and making decisions related to various aspects of social development.

NCSS acts as a consulting institution and specialized expertise in dealing with various social issues and phenomena, empowering the scientific research community involved in the social field, communicating and coordinating with relevant parties, and cooperating with international social databases.


To be the most influential consulting firm and social expert in providing solutions to social issues in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Providing effective scientific communication, and supporting research projects and ideas with the aim of finding effective solutions to social issues in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


We aim to conduct research and studies on social issues and problems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to provide appropriate recommendations and solutions.


  • Conducting theoretical and field research and social studies.
  • Monitoring, studying, and finding solutions to social issues and phenomena that affect Saudi society.
  • Conduct reform research to find out the deficiencies in the various social programs.
  • Publishing scientific research and studies, books, manuscripts, and translated works.
  • Issuing a peer-reviewed scientific journal concerned with publishing materials in the various fields of social sciences.
  • Developing scientific research methods to help researchers in various social fields.
  • Providing public and private social institutions with scientific and technical advisory services in order to improve and develop their services.
  • Holding seminars, conferences, and workshops for specialists and those interested in social sciences in Saudi, Gulf, and Arab societies.
  • Creating a central database for social studies and research for researchers and specialists in social fields.
  • Training workers in the social fields, whether affiliated with the Ministry of Resources and Social Development or not.
  • Cooperation with research and study centers specialized in social fields.