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National Center for Non-Profit Sector

المركز الوطني لتنمية القطاع غير الربحي

About us:

The National Center for the Development of the Non-Profit Sector was established by Cabinet Resolution No. (459) dated 11/8/1440 AH. The center enjoys legal personality, and financial and administrative independence, and is directly linked to the Prime Minister.

The National Center for the Development of the Non-Profit Sector aims to organize and activate the role of non-profit sector organizations, expand it in the development fields, and work to integrate government efforts in providing licensing services to these organizations, financial and administrative supervision of the sector, and increasing coordination and support.

The center was established in the context of developing the non-profit sector, which is a strategic goal within the Vision 2030 plan aimed at empowering the non-profit sector and achieving a greater impact for the sector on the social and economic levels. The center is one of the initiatives of the National Transformation Program for the development of the non-profit sector.

The center undertakes various tasks that will enable the sector to grow, and activate its role in achieving sustainable development, as the center will work with all its partners from government agencies, non-profit organizations, companies, and individuals - according to comprehensive governance that achieves a practical flow, providing everyone with the possibility of contributing according to their roles within the sector system. non-profit.


Non-profit sector contributing to social and economic development.


Organizing and supervising the non-profit sector, and enabling partners and non-profit organizations to play their roles in developing the sector.