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Family Affairs Council

مجلس شؤون الأسرة

The Family Affairs Council is a national institution established pursuant to the Resolution “Regulating the Family Affairs Council” issued by the Council of Ministers No. (443) dated 10/20/1437 AH

Is an extension of the state’s keenness and concern for the entity of the Saudi family and its members, as it is the first and basic nucleus of society, on which much relies in building a healthy and effective society, capable of facing challenges and transformations. In construction and development, as it works on the advancement of the Saudi family through cooperation with partners and executive authorities from the ministries and relevant bodies to provide them with the means of a decent life. With its current organization, it is an authority that supervises the implementation of family-related systems by the authorities, and one of its tasks is to create a database that serves the issues of the Saudi family.

The Family Affairs Council is the official body that represents women, the family, children, and the elderly in international organizations and bodies. It unites all efforts of government sectors with regard to family issues in all its categories. The Saudi family strengthens its role, as the council aims to develop and improve the level of services that contribute to the stability of the family socially and economically in line with the ambitious vision of the Kingdom 2030, which made the human being the center of development.