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Digital Transformation Agency

Short Brief about the Agency:

The Agency works on managing and directing all digital transformation plans and works, developing HRSD works, protecting its technical assets, and ensuring excellent levels of operational efficiency to achieve the HRSD targets and empower it to perfectly serve its customers. Further, the Agency works on managing and operating the applications, infrastructure, and information technology services and working on the best investment of data to achieve the HRSD targets and support decision-makers.

Functions of Agency:

  • Developing digital transformation plans and strategies, ensuring their conformity to the HRSD strategy and compliance with the digital transformation controls and plans across the Kingdom.
  • Developing the business and engineering the procedures to ensure the digital transformation of HRSD works to serve the beneficiaries via digital channels.
  • Protecting the technical assets and raising the awareness of its members about information security and conforming to the targets and requirements of the information security regulatory authorities.
  • Investing in data with respect to building data warehouses, analyzing and presenting the same to the decision-makers, and supporting the reporting and studies needs.
  • Developing, building, and maintaining the information technology infrastructure in HRSD and ensuring that it supports the strategic goals and workflow continuously and effectively.
  • Developing and updating the information technology governance system to protect, regulate and control all information technology activities and applications in line with the best practices in this regard.
  • Analyzing the work goals in accordance with the current and future conditions and developing short, medium, and long-term plans to guide for creating of high-level technological practices.
  • Managing smart research, studies, and analysis regarding different fields and topics related to HRSD competencies and services to contribute to supporting the HRSD senior management resolutions and achieving HRSD strategic goals.
  • Providing advisory services to empower the different organizational units and ensure integration of goals, procedures, and operations with information technology solutions.
  • Developing the necessary reports on the management activities and achievements.
  • Implementing the tasks assigned to the Department within its competency.

Agency Goals:

  • Enhancing digitalization and intelligence level.
  • Enhancing and optimizing the customers’ digital experience.
  • Developing an internal and stimulating digital work environment that incubates creativity.
  • Enhancing the digital works' efficiency and reliability.
  • Optimizing data and smart analysis abilities.
  • Optimizing the (contracts) of strategic partnerships with the private sector (PPP & MSPs).
  • Raising the efficiency of spending through digital transformation.

Agency Programs:

Governance, infrastructure, cybersecurity, digital platforms, data and artificial intelligence, beneficiaries' experience.

Agency Initiatives:

  • Initiative for Labor Sector Digital System Development.
  • Initiative for Social Development Sector Digital System Development.
  • Initiative for Civil Service Sector Digital System Development.
  • Initiative for Transformation into an Internal Digital Work Environment.
  • Initiative for Upgrading the Cybersecurity Abilities.
  • Initiative for Digital Infrastructure Development.
  • Initiative for Excellence in Digital Transformation.
  • Initiative for Enhancing Data and Smart Analysis Management.