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Social Insurance and Empowerment Agency

Short Brief about the Agency:

Social Insurance was established in 1382 AH to carry out its responsibilities in the implementation of development programs and projects aimed at some groups that are surrounded by special social conditions in order to provide them with a decent pension. Through its various activities, and through its various activities, which include the introduction of pensions and assistance and support the implementation of productive projects for social insurance beneficiaries through the offices of security deployed in various regions of the Kingdom.

Social insurance contributes to achieving one of the strategic foundations of the five-year development plans, which is concerned with the social and health care of Saudi society and caring for needy groups. Through programs and projects that contribute to improving the potential of individuals, increasing their income, and raising their standard of living. The main programs are also adopted in the operational plan of the Social Insurance Agency to support the continuation of providing services that lead to the advancement of the needy and unable citizens and raise their economic and social levels and improve and develop their living conditions.

Agency Goal:

The Agency aims to provide care and diligence to needy groups of society members through its programs and projects that contribute to improving individuals' capabilities, increasing their income, and raising their standard of living. The Agency works also on helping the beneficiaries able to work to become producers and financially independent through training, rehabilitating, integrating them into the labor market, and providing them with job opportunities in cooperation with social institutions.

Agency Departments:

Pension and Insurance Aids Policies Department:

  • Develops reports on pensions and aids resolutions and facilitates disbursement of pensions to the beneficiary groups.
  •  Analyze the data of beneficiaries from a support system.
  • Empower the relevant authorities to implement updated and new legislation and interpretations necessary for social insurance and follow up on their proper implementation.
  • Follow up and coordinate with the Social Insurance Services Department.
  •  Highlight the Kingdom's aspiration and social insurance strategies.
  •  Supervise the research and studies about the best international and regional practices related to social insurance legislation, policies, and directions.
  • Develop an annual plan to develop or amend the social insurance legislation and policies.
  • Work on analyzing and re-designing the supporting programs.

This includes:

  • Insurance Policies Research and Planning Department.
  • Insurance Policies Development Department.
  • Insurance Policies Coordination and Follow-up Department.

 Auditing Department:

The Department is concerned with preparing the estimated budget for social insurance pensions and programs based on the budgeted items of the social insurance as per Article (255).

Following up on the balances of accounts with the Saudi Central Bank, feeding all accounts, developing the financial reports, and conducting settlements.

This includes:

  • Insurance Accounts Auditing Management.
  • Insurance Services Auditing Management.
  • Insurance Programs Quality Management.

  Social Insurance Services Department:

It is concerned with providing service for insurance beneficiaries with regard to complaints and objections to the system, developing the proper mechanisms for field visits, determining the functions and responsibilities of social researchers, and reviewing and analyzing the data stated n the social research report.

It also deals with the classification of the beneficiaries' conditions in coordination with the Empowerment Department to develop empowerment plans for those able to work and eligible for rehabilitation.

This includes:

  • Social Insurance Pensions and Aids Management.
  • Social Research Management.
  • Social Insurance Complaints and Objections Management.

  Empowerment Department:

  • It aims at empowering the beneficiaries able to work to get involved in the labor market and be self-independent. this includes:
  • Empowerment Supporting Services Management.
  • Social Empowerment Partners Management.

Agency account on Twitter ( hrsd_tamkeen)

Developed Social Security System::

It is a system that targets the neediest individuals and families to provide them with material support and enable beneficiaries to improve their living conditions, achieve financial independence, and transform from a needy person to a productive person through rehabilitation, training, and appropriate job offers in cooperation with the Human Resources Development Fund and the relevant authorities

Developed Social Security System Goals:

  • Empowering the beneficiaries to achieve financial independence and becoming productive person through rehabilitation and training.
  • Providing social support and protection to the beneficiaries, taking into consideration the most needy and eligible persons.
  • Ensuring a minimum that meets the main needs of each beneficiary by estimating the calculated minimum.
  • Developing mechanisms that ensure helping the beneficiaries in crises and disasters.
  • Establishing the necessary means and measures to address cases of need in society.