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Skills and Training Agency

Short Brief about the Agency

Skills and Training Agency is affiliated, in an administrative aspect, to the Deputy Minister for Labor Sector. The Agency is concerned with developing and leading initiatives and programs and forming the necessary policies and strategies regarding skills, professions, and productivity in private sector establishments through leading partnerships with sectors and relevant authorities, to keep pace with rapid and continuous changes, address challenges and achieve integration in various fields of work to raise the efficiency of the Saudi labor market.

Agency Goals:

  • Developing skills strategies in the labor market.
  • Establishing and operating the sectoral councils for skills in partnership with the relevant authorities.
  • Motivating and following up on training and raising skills.
  • Supporting and improving productivity.
  • empowering career development.
  • Planning professions and skills.
  • Supporting rehabilitation and training of Saudis.
  • Developing the national professional standards.
  • Reviewing and developing work policies and legislation for skills and training.

Agency Programs and Initiatives:

  • Skills Strategy Initiative
  • Riyadh Behavioral Methodologies Center Initiative
    • Riyadh Behavioral Methodologies Center Program
    • Project of Behavioral and Experience and Interventions of Riyadh Behavioral Methodologies Center
  • Initiative for Professions Planning and Developing Professional Standards and Skills System that aim at:
    • Project of Sectoral Councils for Skills
    • Project of National Professional Standards
  • Initiative for Paid Training Coupons for Individuals
  • Skills Accelerator Initiative
  • The National Program to Stimulate the Private Sector for Training Initiative
  • Recruitment System Initiative
    • Professional Verification Project
    • Companies Incentives Project
    • Project for Developing Productivity Indicators and Wages System
  • Project of Technical Support with the International Bank
  • Training Indicators Project