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Human Capital Management Agency


About the Human Capital Management Agency:

The Human Capital Management Agency in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is concerned with developing policies and compensations and enable government entities to manage human resources operations, by transforming human resources in government entities into a strategic and effective partner that is able to perform their roles and contribute to improving the performance of the public sector.


  • Objectives of the Human Capital Management Agency

  • Raising the efficiency of human capital management in the civil service
  • Achieving the highest levels of job performance for civil service employees
  • Developing and reviewing laws, regulations and policies in the civil service
  • Maximizing the benefit of non-traditional work patterns in the civil service
  • Raising the level of transparency in human resources operations.


  • Departments of the Human Capital Management Agency

  • Assistant Agency for Human Resources Policies and Compensation:
  • General Administration of Functional Laws and Regulations
  • General Administration of Salaries and Allowances
  • General Administration of Human Resources Support
  • General Administration of Job Performance Management
  • Governance and Development:
  • General Administration of the Semi-Government Sector
  • General Administration of Classification and Salary Evaluation
  • General Administration of Attraction and Redirection


  • Initiatives of Human Capital Management Agency 

  • Public service restructuring initiative
  • A high-quality civil service initiative
  • Increasing the efficiency of human capital management initiative
  • Developing and reviewing civil service legislation initiative