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Dr.Abu Thnine He meets the Danish ambassador to the Kingdom

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
د. أبوثنين يلتقي السفير الدنماركي لدى المملكة

His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Development to work held a meeting with His Excellency the Danish ambassador to the Kingdom, Mr. Ola Mosby, this morning, Tuesday, 21 Dhu al-Hijjah 1441, corresponding to August 11, 2020, through visual communication technology, to discuss a number of issues of interest to both sides, and the meeting took place in the presence of Their Excellencies the Undersecretaries of the Ministry For international affairs, labor affairs and women's empowerment.

At the beginning of the meeting, His Excellency the Representative welcomed His Excellency the Ambassador and reviewed with him an overview of the ministry’s structure and its main tasks. His Excellency also valued the bilateral cooperation between Denmark and the Kingdom in all fields, stressing that such meetings contribute effectively to strengthening bilateral cooperation between the two countries, especially in the fields of human resources and development. Social.

The two sides also touched upon the impact of the Corona pandemic on the labor market, and His Excellency Dr. Abu Nainain reviewed the most important initiatives launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the labor market and the workforce. Common interest.

It is noteworthy that such meetings are part of the ministry’s plans to deepen bilateral relations with various countries and to benefit from all experiences and expertise in its fields of work, to get acquainted with the best international practices and their application.

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