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Applying the second phase of the financial compensation to domestic workers of more than (4) workers per person, as of May 11

Publication date: 14 May 2023 - 24 Shawwal 1444
شعار انجليزي

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development clarified the implementation of the second phase of Cabinet Resolution No. (336) dated 15/06/1443 AH, which stipulates the imposition of a financial compensation at the amount of (9,600) riyals annually for each additional domestic worker in excess of (4) workers per Saudi individual, and on ( 2) workers for the resident, as of Shawwal 21, 1444 AH, corresponding to May 11, 2023 AD. Noting that the first phase was implemented on 21/10/1443 AH, which included the collection of a financial compensation at the amount of (9,660) riyals for each member of the new additional domestic workers that exceeded (4) workers for the Saudi individual, and for (2) workers for the resident, who were recruited during the first year of issuance of the resolution.

Moreover, the Ministry indicated that humanitarian cases that require more than the permissible limit are excluded from this, including people with disabilities, chronic and serious diseases, and other diseases, according to the estimates of the committee formed to study such exceptions.

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