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Eng. Al Rajhi at Occupational Safety and Health Conference: We seek to promote occupational safety and health practices through the National Program for Occupational Safety and Health

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
م. الراجحي في مؤتمر السلامة والصحة المهنية: نسعى إلى تعزيزِ ممارساتِ السلامةِ والصحةِ المهنية من خِلال (البرنامجِ الوطني الاستراتيجي للسلامةِ والصحةِ المهنيةِ)

the Minister of Labor and Social Development. Ahmed Bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, said in his speech at the conference of occupational safety and health held by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development that the conference comes in our belief in the importance of raising awareness about the concept of safety and health in the work environment and spreading the culture of prevention, On property and the environment, thus positively reflecting on the reduction of labor injury costs and enhancing the efficiency of enterprises. His Excellency stressed that the concept of the work environment goes beyond the awareness and organizational issues surrounding the workers in the work environment. Therefore, the Ministry has developed a comprehensive framework consisting of several strategic pillars, all of which seek to promote occupational safety and health practices through the National Program for Occupational Safety and Health One of the Ministry's initiatives in the National Transition 2020 program, one of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 programs, is to positively influence the work environment in a holistic manner. The National Strategic Program for Occupational Safety and Health is based on four main pillars: promoting awareness and disseminating a culture of prevention, enhancing the presence of national staff and occupational safety and health infrastructure, strengthening legislation and regulations, enhancing occupational safety and health inspection, recording injuries and investigating accidents. He stressed that companies are partners in achieving success. The role of employers and employees is essential to contribute to the implementation of occupational safety and health practices. It is also essential to make the Ministry's efforts in this field a tangible reality. During the conference, HE the Minister of Health inaugurated the occupational safety and health website in cooperation with the Director General of Civil Defense, Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al-Omro. The Minister also accompanied the accompanying exhibition, which was attended by a number of governmental institutions and institutions. His Excellency also honored a number of participants in the conference, which was accompanied by a series of dialogue sessions and workshops.

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