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Eng. Al Rajhi in ceremony launch "Qiwa" platform: strategic partnerships to settle 561 thousand jobs in the private sector and 45 thousand Saudis entered the labor market in the last 3 months

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
م. الراجحي في حفل تدشين منصة "قوى": شراكات استراتيجية لتوطين 561 ألف وظيفة بالقطاع الخاص.. و45 ألف سعودي وسعودية دخلوا سوق العمل في 3 أشهر

Minister of Labor and Social Development Eng. Ahmed Bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi affirmed that the ministry has adopted its policy and strategy to enrich and enhance partnership with concerned bodies to motivate and support citizens and motivate the private sector to achieve national development goals and opportunities, pointing out that the ministry has launched many initiatives and programs. Al-Rajhi said in a speech during the ceremony of the "Giwa" platform in Riyadh, in the presence of His Excellency Minister of Trade and Investment Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi, HE Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources Eng. Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Falih, Eng. Abdullah bin Amer Al Sawahah, HE Minister of Civil Service Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al Hamdan, Minister of Transport Eng. Nabil bin Mohammed Al Amoudi, and a number of their Excellencies, heads of chambers of commerce and private sector officials. HER past the principle of partnership with the private sector, and resulted in the launch of 68 market-oriented initiatives. Al Rajhi added: "The initiatives launched by the Ministry aim to increase Emiratisation rates, support, qualify and empower citizens, support the private sector to attract and employ citizens, improve and develop the work environment, increase the quality of customer service and automation and support the private sector as a strategic partner in development. In the national economy, "stressing that the localization and support and empowerment of partners from the facilities and citizens, and the development and strengthening of partnerships with the relevant bodies and raise the level of compliance with the labor market is one of the Ministry's top priorities, and there is a specialized team and another for governance follow the executive team responsible for the implementation of all the Seedling adopted by the ministry. He pointed out that the mechanism of achieving Emiratisation is based on building a partnership with the private sector (incentives for localization), tripartite sector partnerships, and follow-up job creation in vision programs such as industry development and logistics program, financial sector development program and job creation in mega projects. To be launched by the Government within the Saudi Economic Diversification Program, and the partnership with the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF) to support on-the-job or job-training programs. The minister said that the ministry has entered into partnerships and agreements to settle more than 561 thousand job opportunities until 2023, and will not stand the ambitions and efforts at this point, but will start to higher levels, God willing, based on the success stories that will be drawn by all partners, Saudi nationals entering the labor market during the first quarter of the year 2019 exceeded 45 thousand Saudi and Saudi in various sectors that were settled, while the number of new establishments 133 thousand new establishments in the first quarter compared to 48 thousand establishments from the same quarter in 2018, up 175%. In addition to the ministry's strategy for digital transformation, and to facilitate the beneficiaries and clients of the ministry and enhance the partnership with the various parties, HE Al-Rajhi said that the ministry listened to all through holding more than 100 workshops in various regions. It also listened to all the views and suggestions received through the ministry's communication channels, This resulted in the establishment of an integrated system of forces to promote, support and empower citizens through "personnel forces" and to promote, support and empower private sector enterprises through "enterprise forces". He stressed that the ministry aims to launch a strong platform to promote digital transformation, ease of delivery of service to beneficiaries, speed of decision-making, increase the level of transparency, raise the quality and improve the experiences of beneficiaries. "We are launching a strong platform today with 22 services and doubling the number of services on the platform before the end of 2019. One of the most prominent and advanced services is the performance of the enterprises, which stimulates the enterprises to compete to raise their attractiveness to the most prominent cadres. Human resources, through allowing these cadres within certain controls to see the record of indicators of excellence for those establishments. The most prominent and latest services are also the "individual performance forces" which motivates individuals to compete to increase their attractiveness to the best establishments operating in the labor market, On the record of indicators of individual excellence This will be launched two months from now, and serve the "recruitment and approval forces", which are dedicated to the outstanding establishments, which are adopted by the daughters and sons of the homeland, and adopt and develop their expertise and turn the recruitment forces from a process that takes several months to instant approval. The minister added: "In addition to serving the" forces of adoption of the regulations of the organization of work ", to raise the quality of service and flexibility, as the offices of the pre-approved law service to adopt the rules of organization of internal work within a few days instead of relying on limited numbers of staff of the Ministry for review and audit, The customer's journey for a few days instead of waiting several months, and the service of "strong for the professional examination" by contributing to the raising of the efficiency of professional employment through the program of professional examination, which will be launched by the system in months - God willing - and the service of "self-assessment forces," which seeks to raise awareness of systems And market regulations Which will enable the establishments to raise the level of self-compliance and avoid the consequences if the violations are checked by the various inspection agencies and teams and serve the "community inspection forces" through which the public will be involved and open the opportunity for them to report any apparent violations. Al Rajhi said that a strong platform also offers many other services, such as electronic services or through the private sector rather than the ministry, and providing services to business owners, individuals and government rather than employers only, pointing out that the ministry's vision is to create an integrated and competitive labor market to achieve Thus making a strong economy

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