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Labor and Social Development "fined a facility of 40 thousand riyals because of its commitment to organize the work of women

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
العمل والتنمية الاجتماعية" تغرم منشأة 40 ألف ريال لعدم التزامها بتنظيم عمل المرأة

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development on Monday imposed a fine of over 40,000 riyals against a fast-food facility in Makkah and forced it to remove several irregularities related to the organization of women's work. In the details, the official spokesman of the ministry, Khalid Aba Al-Khail, said that the inspection teams in the Makkah office received a report on the establishment of a food supply facility to employ Saudi women employees next to other expatriates, indicating that the inspection teams stood in the field on the site and seized several violations related to the absence of separate sections for work Women, and not to provide an appropriate place for the convenience and prayer of female employees. Abha al-Khail added that the company was obliged to remove the violations related to the organization of the woman's work immediately and to impose a fine of more than 40,000 riyals on the establishment's right. Abha Al-Khail stressed that the guide to the unified organization of women's work environment requires the establishment to provide separate sections for women's work, providing an appropriate place for women to rest and pray, and other conditions that guarantee a safe environment for women's work. The ministry's spokesman stressed the need for all establishments to abide by the rules of the unified organization of the working environment of women, stressing the ministry's failure to control any irregularities of the organization and monitoring the compliance of the establishments with the provisions of the regulation. He also renewed his call to the ministry's clients to report the violations.

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