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Labor and social development" emphasizes the commitment to the unified organization of the working environment for women

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
"العمل والتنمية الاجتماعية" تشدد على الالتزام بالتنظيم الموحد لبيئة عمل المرأة

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development stressed the need for employers and workers in the private sector to comply with the unified organization of the working environment for women, which aims to create an attractive working environment for women and enable them to work in various labor market activities, While maintaining their privacy at work. The Ministry stressed that any enterprise that violates the provisions of the regulation will be subject to the penalties imposed by the Labor Law and relevant ministerial decisions, stressing that it will not be negligent in following up the commitment of the establishments to organize and implement the legal procedures in their right. The ministry pointed to its keenness through this organization to open several areas for women's work while providing an attractive and safe work environment for women's work and stability. The organization addressed several regulations for women's work, the most prominent being the commitment of the employer and workers to the requirements of Islamic law, If the establishment has a special costume, it must comply with the regulations mentioned in the regulation, and if special clothing is required for production lines, it must be safe in addition to other controls. The organization also requires the employer to provide adequate security guards or an electronic security system suitable for all establishments employing women, and to provide seats for women workers in the workplace to provide for their recreation during working hours, as well as providing a suitable and suitable place for female workers to perform prayer and rest. The organization stressed the commitment of employers to a number of controls, not to work women in shops reserved for men, whose clients are men only, as well as the lack of women in the service of cleaning facilities or rooms and carrying bags in relation to the tourist accommodation sector, except for women's shelters, Women's work in hazardous and harmful work. The Ministry renewed its call to all employers and workers in the private sector to abide by the unified organization of the working environment of women, and to see it through the link: Click here


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