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The Ministry of Labor and Social Development organizes a session on labor disputes

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
وزارة العمل والتنمية الاجتماعية تنظم دورة حول منازعات العمالة المنزلية

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development, represented by the administration of the committees for the settlement of differences of domestic service workers and the like, organized a training course in the field of "Domestic Labor Disputes, Procedures and Applications" for all employees of the committees in the Kingdom. Employee and employee. The aim of the course is to improve performance, raise productivity with high quality and familiarity with all procedures related to the committees of resolving the differences of domestic service workers. The course dealt with a number of axes, including the knowledge of the competence of the committees and the tasks assigned to them, As well as the mechanism of litigation, appeal and means of proof. The Ministry will continue to hold the course in the rest of the cities to cover the different regions of the Kingdom. It is worth mentioning that the committees of settling disputes between domestic workers and those of their kind are competent to look into differences and violations arising between the parties to the labor relationship (the employer - the domestic worker) regarding the financial claims and the rights and duties, by receiving and considering the cases in accordance with the terms of reference of the committees through the application of the legal foundations In order to ensure full justice and maximum fairness with all parties to the dispute and to issue the necessary decisions in a neutral and impartial manner.

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