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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development organized a workshop on the basics of sign language for officials of government entities

Publication date: 18 December 2023 - 05 Jumada al-thani 1445

Under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Engineer Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, the ministry conducted a workshop on the fundamentals of sign language. The workshop included the participation of several dignitaries and executives from the government sector. Its goal was to empower them to communicate with citizens and residents who are deaf or hard of hearing, making sign language an active means of communication on public service platforms in the public sector.

This workshop is the first of its kind at the national level, reflecting the ministry's commitment to empowering the deaf and hard of hearing community among government employees. This initiative aims to leverage government services, programs, and initiatives to increase their integration into society, facilitate their participation in national development, and enhance opportunities for learning sign language in various professional fields.

The project seeks to enhance communication with this community, create ambassadors within government entities to facilitate service delivery to them, and address the challenges faced by deaf and hard of hearing employees. The ultimate goal is to create suitable work environments for them, translate and support international materials into sign language as initiated by the ministry. This initiative aligns with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 and complies with the highest standards for improving the work environment and empowering human capital in all its forms.

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