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MLSD is keen on empowering women in workforce in midst of suitable environment: Dr. al-Rammah says at GROW Meeting

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
د.الرماح متحدثةً في مؤتمر (GROW): حريصون على تمكين المرأة ودعمها في سوق العمل مع توفير بيئة عمل تحفظ حقوقها

H.E. Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Development Dr. Tamader bint Youssef al-Rammah said Monday the ministry is keen on empowering women in the workforce through coordinating with other government entities.

Such coordination is in a bid to review regulations and instructions that ensure a suitable work environment, protect women rights, maintain work-life balance and overcome challenges faced by them to allow full integration in the labor market, Dr. al-Rammah said.

At Gulf Region Organization for Women (GROW) Meeting which was organized by ARAMCO in Dharan, Dr. al-Rammah added the ministry and its affiliated entities have prepared initiatives stemming from the National Transformation Program that aims to increase women’s participation in the market, enable economic empowerment and facilitate procedures for owning a business.

The deputy minister pointed out that Saudi Vision 2030 relies on three main factors (vital society, prosperous economy, ambitious nation). She quoted the vision as saying ‘The Saudi woman is one of our strong elements and we will continue to develop our talents and invest in our capability by allowing her to get suitable opportunities that help her build her future and contribute to our society and our economy’.

Additionally, she clarified that the ministry has focused on women empowerment through providing full-fledged social services, encouraging volunteer work, boosting non-profit sector and empowering non-profit organizations to yield result-driven impact, saying the ministry believes in the importance of partnership with the private sector to support employment of Saudi nationals in senior roles.

Dr. al-Rammah emphasized the ministry is keen to empower the Saudi woman as it takes precedence for signing UN agreements on protecting women rights, in addition to its efforts in granting her civil and human rights without discrimination as well as overcoming challenges that hinder success.

The deputy minister highlighted the ministry is also keen to support and empower the non-profit sector, its organizations and its institutions to achieve objectives, in addition to increasing ROI and impact of social and development initiatives and non-profit services along with enhancing the effectiveness of the sector and its contribution to the economy.

The ministry strives to enhance the role of the non-profit sector in offering creative solutions that cater to development needs and overcome challenges through launching several initiatives that increase expenditure, in addition to rehabilitating the workforce and providing job opportunities in the non-profit sector.

Speaking about volunteerism, Dr. al-Rammah clarified the ministry seeks to increase economic sustainability for volunteer opportunities in various parts of the Kingdom and enrich their experience in the field as the ministry has designed an objective that increases the number of volunteers and raises its economic value by 2020.

MLSD never underestimates the role of companies in offering development services for the society and spreading awareness of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as it has prepared an objective that increases CSR with the aim of raising participation rate of the private sector and expenditure by 2020 through activating initiatives that develop and adopt social responsibility programs, she said as well.

Dr. al-Rammah added: ‘Empowerment of Saudi nationals seeks to provide social services, enhance personality of social security beneficiaries and turn them from social security seekers into independent ones. It seeks to empower them through offering training and rehabilitation programs that link them with the job market and to create marketing, awareness and career education for them.’

Dr. al-Rammah stressed the ministry’s keenness to implement all initiatives that claim a place for women and enable them to lead and run all their social and economic affairs.

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