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We have a strategic partnership with the foreign recruitment sector in a bid to regulate and develop manpower services and ensure rights: Eng. al-Rajhi at special workshop

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
م. الراجحي متحدثا في ورشة " تحديات الاستقدام": نتشارك استراتيجيا مع قطاع الاستقدام لتنظيم وتطوير الخدمات العمالية والحفاظ على الحقوق

H.E. Minister of Labor and Social Development Eng. Ahmed bin Suleiman al-Rajhi emphasized the importance of true and effective partnership with the foreign recruitment sector to overcome challenges, reach a clear vision that serves stakeholders and to facilitate Saudi recruitment procedures. At the workshop on ‘Challenges and Issues Faced by the Foreign Recruitment Sector’ held in Riyadh on Tuesday, Eng. al-Rajhi added the workshop enhances and renews the ministry’s relationship with the recruitment sector. The minister of labor and social development said the gathering aims to achieve reciprocal benefits for all parties and foreign recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia, which keeps up with recent developments encountered by the foreign recruitment sector because of regulating mediation activity and offering manpower services along with signing agreements with labor-exporting countries. The workshop was attended by H.E. Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Development Dr. Abdullah bin Nasser Abuthnain alongside MLSD senior officials, investors and owners of manpower agencies. Eng. al-Rajhi also said the foreign recruitment sector is one of the vital sectors as it influences the Kingdom’s image locally and internationally and has its own impact on individuals and families, in addition to its integrated and vital role in enhancing workforce and privet-sector entities, in order to create job opportunities for Saudi men and women. The minister said before participants: ‘The business model of recruitment companies has been transformed since 2011 with the aim of achieving several benefits, regulating recruitment for workers either leased by individuals or private-sector entities and providing suitable options instead of traditional methods for overseas recruitment. It will contribute to raising the level of service for customers and ensure rights of both workers and employers.’ He added: ‘We are the concerned party to comply with regulations, laws and previously-signed international agreements and those to be signed. And also we are the concerned party to support our customers.’ Additionally, the minister stressed the importance of providing affordable insurance for domestic workers and meeting the demand of skilled foreign workers who add value to the Saudi workforce, which stems from balanced partnership between the ministry and the recruitment sector. Meanwhile, the workshop explored several challenges, such as reviewing recruitment costs compared to those in neighboring countries that serve both Saudi citizens and entities. The participants called on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises through allowing them to recruit enough numbers of foreign workers who are skilled and well-trained. Moreover, the workshop also discussed a number of challenges aiming to develop readiness of recruitment offices to receive a huge number of workers, protect them and ensure their rights and those of Saudi citizens and employers. At the end of workshop, the participants also shed light on other challenges including creation of suitable job opportunities for Saudi nationals working in the fields of administration and support services, for instance.

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