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Dr. al-Ghafis delivers his keynote speech to 45th session of Arab labor conference in Cairo, focusing on Kingdom’s policies to boost economy in partnership with private and non-profit sectors

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
د.الغفيص يستعرض خلال كلمة المملكة في مؤتمر العمل العربي بدورته الـ 45 بالقاهرة سياسات المملكة المحفزة على النهوض بالاقتصاد بالشراكة مع القطاعين الخاص وغير الربحي

H.E. Minister of Labor and Social Development Dr. Ali bin Nasser al-Ghafis delivered on Sunday his speech at the 45th Session of the Arab Labor Conference held in Cairo, conveying the message of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud- May Allah protect him- who wishes the success of the conference and extends his appreciation to the Arab Republic of Egypt. Dr. al-Ghafis commended the Director-General Report of the Arab Labor Office titled ‘The Dynamics of Arab Labor Markets, Transformations, and Paths of Progress’, saying it goes hand in hand with the international direction concerning the future of work with keeping up with the scientific and technological impact on the quantity and quality of current and future job opportunities as well as in-demand skills required by workers and entrants, alike. The minister of labor and social development addressed the Kingdom’s experience in labor and employment policies reforms and their role in increasing capital spending, adding the Saudi efforts has focused on designing monetary policies that foster growth and create quality and stable jobs with ensuring proper income and suitable work environment and with the help from partners in the private and non-profit sectors to boost the economy and set the workforce in motion. The MLSD has been responsive to the development plan through forming nationalization committees in the regions which are tasked to design employment policies according to the current and future needs of the regions as the nationalization of shopping centers has succeeded in reducing unemployment rates in these regions, Dr. al-Ghafis pointed out. The ministry has provided creative solutions to create an organized economy that embraces new labor relationships and extends social protection as per the National Transformation Program 2020 stemming from Saudi Vision 2030, he said during his speech at the conference. Among these solutions, the Kingdom has actively encouraged the freelance work aiming to provide social protection for independent business owners as the Human Resources Development Fund pays a share of their monthly insurance subscription when they register with the freelance job program, the minister said as well. He also mentioned the part-time job that closes the gap between employers and workers through providing systems that offer flexible opportunities and an e-work environment through which tasks and assignments are done without the need to show up to work. He added the part-time job facilitates suitable workplace for all categories of the society, in particular women who find more opportunities in this type of remote work due to its free attach to the location. At the end of his speech in the Egyptian capital, Dr. al-Ghafis emphasized the role of the Arab Labor Organization (ALO) in developing national plans for labor market policies through assuming its responsibility towards serving the three productive parties in the Arab world, unifying visions, fostering integration among these parties and supporting them as well.

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